CozyPhones in the Classroom

CozyPhones in the Classroom

It's back to school time for most students in the United States and, like every year, the school supply list has been mailed or posted online. Notebooks, pencils, and glue sticks are just a few of the necessities each year. Most recently, headphones have appeared on the list and CozyPhones have become a go-to. 

Ashley Tomasewski of Brookfield, IL, said her daughter has been required to have headphones for the last three years. She is currently going into second grade.

"They are given an iPAD in kindergarten," Tomasewski said, adding that it comes with a reading app, which includes stories and quizzes for each one. "They must have headphones to be able to participate in this. Gia hates the headphones that came in her school supply kit. This causes her to have sensory issues and to not be able to complete her reading assignments."

Unfortunately, most headphones don't stay on or slide around, she said, causing the foam to rub on her daughter's ears.
Earbuds are even more complicated, which adds to sensory issues.  

"This effects her learning in school," Tomasewski said. "If something as small as different headphones help her learn, I am all for it."

Tomasewski said she learned about CozyPhones on Facebook and decided to give them a try. They are great to use while completing online assignments, and, although they are not sound cancelling, they can still keep surrounding sounds to a minimum.

"They help her focus on her work because she only hears what's happening on her iPAD. She does not have the distractions of what is happening with the other students around her," Tomasewski said. "I thought this was a perfect solution for school as well as long trips in the car, flights...everything." 

Tomasewski said she would recommend CozyPhones to anyone. They stay in place, do not fall out, and fit regardless of the shape of the ear.

CozyPhones are also a great choice for those who have a student in college. They are great for wearing to bed if you're someone who needs to hear white noise or an audio book in order to fall asleep. And, they double as an eye mask. CozyPhones come in fleece or a cool Lycra Mesh, and are machine washable.

"Kids go through school supplies like crazy and we are going into our second year with the same pair of CozyPhones," Tomasewski said. "They have practically paid for themselves." 

CozyPhones is a veteran owned, U.S. based family business, which promises all of our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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