Hearing Aid Users Find Comfort With CozyPhones

Hearing Aid Users Find Comfort With CozyPhones

It can be a challenge to find the perfect headphones. But imagine if you wore hearing aids. Not only would conventional headphones be uncomfortable but they often give off a distorted or unclear sound.

Nicole Ingram, of Rhode Island, said this was a constant complaint with her 11-year-old son, Trevor, who suffers from a moderate hearing loss. He has had to wear a bilateral listening device in both ears for the past eight years.

"He would need to remove his hearing aids for "bud" style hearing aids or have big bulky headphones that didn't fit properly over the hearing aids," Ingram said, causing them to fall off or pull her son's hearing aids out. "You don't realize how simple products, such as headphones, can become such a challenge," she said, and for Trevor, it was.

Until Ingram learned about CozyPhones, from an ad she saw on Facebook. Intrigued, she decided to give them a try. So far, they've been quite a success. 

"CozyPhones have been such a great alternative because they fit easily over his hearing aids and secure them so they don't fall off," she said, adding that her son wears them when using his iPad. "They help from him being a distraction to others. Especially in public places or a vehicle."

Ingram said she has already recommended CozyPhones to others and thinks they are great option for everyone.

Mysti Young, of Garden City, Kansas, agrees. Her nine-year-old daughter, Kairi, suffers from Turner Syndrome, a rare chromosomal condition that affects development in females. It can sometimes have a hearing loss associated with it. As a result, Kairi has had to wear hearing aids for the past two years. 

"Kairi does not like a hard, or bulky feeling of normal headphones," Young said. Her daughter uses them for school work on a regular basis while also listening to music. "I saw an ad for CozyPhones on Facebook, in a Turner Syndrome Support Group, and after debating whether to try them or not, I decided to get her a pair for Christmas.


So far, they have been very successful, Young said. Even her friends ask to use them when they're around. 

"They are very comfortable, and the audio is perfect. It's very clear and we have had no problems with it," Young said. "I would definitely recommend using CozyPhones. They are comfortable when laying down or in a car, the audio quality is clear, and they come in all colors and designs."

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