How to Adjust CozyPhones Speakers for the Perfect Fit

How to Adjust CozyPhones Speakers for the Perfect Fit

Today we're going to share with you how to adjust your CozyPhones Speakers for the perfect fit!

When your CozyPhones are shipped the speakers are positioned more towards the back. Because they are volume limited kid's headphones (need to protect those little ears!) it is very important that you do re-position the speakers so that your child can hear the sound.

Please follow these simple instructions for the perfect fit:1. Place the headband on the user and pull the band down to cover the ears.
2. Using a piece of tape, mark the position of the ears where the speakers should rest.
3. Remove the headband. Using two fingers, reach in the opening of the headband and separate the material from the flat speaker.
4. Position the speaker in the area that you marked with tape. The colored side of the speaker should be facing inward toward your ear.
5. Press the material around the speaker to secure in place.


Here is a video as well to show you step-by-step!

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