Working Out with CozyPhones

Working Out with CozyPhones

For most of us, the winter season is finally over. And there is no better way to refresh your exercise routine than taking it outdoors and enjoying a little bit of nature.

However, for some, it's not just a change of scenery that motivates them to move. Music, podcasts, even audio books can take the challenge of exercise off your mind. But sometimes headphones can prevent you from achieving your workout goals.

Claire Boyd, 38, of Toronto, Canada said she needs to hear music or podcasts to keep her moving. She had a hard time finding a product that would meet all of her needs. Until a friend told her about CozyPhones active headband headphones. 

"Anytime I am doing a solo exercise activity, I like to have headphones to keep my mind busy," Boyd said. 
"My friend sent me a link on Facebook, I looked up the website, and decided that was exactly what I needed."

CozyPhones active headband headphones come in a Lycra cool-Mesh material with ultra thin speakers that lay on the outside of your ear. The headband is lightweight and comfortable. It can also be washed after workouts. 

"They are the best headphones to work out with because they stay on your ear, don't hurt, and you can still be aware of your environment," Boyd said, adding that she wears them for running and biking. She even wears them underneath her helmet.  

"I highly recommend CozyPhones to everyone," Boyd said. "I was so excited to find a product that worked when I was trying to sleep and when I exercise."

Tarilyn Oliver-Purmals, 32 of Guelph, Ontario, said she received her CozyPhones as a gift. Since then, she has used them for walking, yoga, at the gym, and while lifting weights.

"Honestly, they were the best gift ever," Oliver-Purmals said. "They are comfortable, they don't move around, and don't hurt my ears like buds."

Oliver-Purmals said she also enjoys the fact that they double as a sweatband. Prior to her CozyPhones product, she would have to wear a sweat band on top of her other headphones. 

"It was so irritating and inconvenient," she said.

Oliver-Purmals said she would recommend CozyPhones to anyone and everyone who is looking for an easier way to workout while wearing headphones. They are definitely worth it, she said, and plans to invest in more pairs for the entire family.  

CozyPhones is a veteran owned, U.S. based family business, which promises all of our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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