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Our Story

CozyPhones Story - A Veteran Owned Family Business

I'm Paul, founder of CozyPhones.  I don't sleep well at night.  I can get to sleep fine but I often wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, so I listen to podcasts or audio books until I drift back to sleep.  

Awhile ago I bought some sleeping headphones.  They lasted less than a year before the wires shorted out and the stopped working.  I used earbuds for a short time but they became painful after awhile and it's just about impossible to sleep with them on your side.  I decided to try another pair of headband headphones, but the original ones I bought were just too expensive - so I decided to make my own - with comfort and affordability as our main goal - with that, CozyPhones was born.  

We started with just a fleece headband version but quickly found our customers wanted more, so we added new styles and materials to fit more needs like yoga and running.  Then one day, we were doing a photo shoot for our catalog when my photographer shot a few pics of her 10 year old daughter with our headphones on, using her app on a tablet.  That picture gave me an "aha moment".  We could make super comfortable headband headphones for kids in fun character designs.  So I asked my daughter Helen, a budding artist, to come up with some characters for me.  That's how we created our first Froggy design.  They went for sale in November of 2015 and quickly sold out.  

Since then we've added a bunch of new characters and styles.  We've heard from hundreds of parents of kids who LOVE our CozyPhones and we've found a great niche in the Autism and Sensory Disorder communities. We're so happy to be able provide a great solution to all kids and especially pleased to serve special need kids who struggle normal headphones.  

It's been a great journey so far and we're just getting started.