Children of Autism and the Benefits of CozyPhones

Children of Autism and the Benefits of CozyPhones

Children of autism, especially those with sensory processing disorder, are often times sensitive to noise. As a result, they rely on the use of headphones to limit background noise so they can remain calm and not so overwhelmed. 

Trish, of Grapevine, Texas, said her seven-year-old son is one of these children. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a developmental disorder characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication.

Restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests can also become a challenge. Many accounts of individuals with AS and ASD report other unusual sensory and perceptual skills and experiences, which may include being sensitive or insensitive to sound, light, and other stimuli. And while not every child experiences the same symptoms, sensitivity to sound became a very big deal for Trish's son.

"School, movie theaters, at home...He would put his hands over his ears or hide under a table most of the time," she said.

Thankfully, that all changed once the family learned about CozyPhones, which have become a go to for parents who are trying to find ways to better serve children who battle with autism and sensory processing disorder.

"Headphones never worked for us so I didn't think much about it at the time," Trish said. "Ear buds hurt his ears and don't stay in. Regular headphones have never really fit his head and fall off. But CozyPhones stay on and are soft and comfortable to wear. He doesn't mind wearing them and actually keeps them on."

Since trying CozyPhones, Trish said her son doesn't seem to lose focus as much. Some of his favorite places to use them are at home, in the car, and while visiting the doctor, she said. 

"Sensitivity is a big problem," she added. "These headphones are soft and don't have any tags which can bother our Autism kids. They also stay nicely on their heads so there is not the constant playing with them to keep them on. They can just focus. I would recommend them."

Meagan Denette, of Fredericksburg, Virginia is the mother of two boys with autism. They were both diagnosed in early 2015. 

"There are meltdowns, they need routines and structure, and they don't care for loud noises," Denette said, in addition to the way things feel. 

"Things like music and videos help to calm them," she said. So when Denette found out about CozyPhones, she decided to give them a try. 

Denette said she enjoys the fact that the headphones are light weight and easy to wear. Her boys can use them in a car seat, stroller, or while laying down, which makes it seem like they aren't wearing headphones at all, she said. 

"They are the best thing ever," Denette said. "They work great, stay on, and don't bother children with special needs."

CozyPhones is a veteran owned, U.S. based family business, which promises all of our customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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